QLD Fisheries Review – Legal Advice

Attention Licence Owner’s –
the Review will impact on all QLD Fisheries, not just Trawl.

Dear Contributor,

Regarding funding to seek Legal Advice concerning the current Fishery Review:

We are now calling for your $500 contribution to get the Legal Advice underway AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Account:                    Contribution Account                   

BSB:                               014298   

Account:                      187058682 

Amount:                      $500.00

Please use your name as reference for your $500.00 deposit.

After depositing funds, please send us an email with your name and address to enable us to send you your Tax Invoice.


Information supplied by the Legal team will be supplied
only to contributors.


Many fishers have offered to contribute to getting a legal opinion on this review up and going so I am asking for contributions of $500 per licence owner to be to be deposited into a bank account I will set up specifically towards the cost of getting this legal opinion. Total cost is $27,500. For now, I would appreciate a short email from each interested licence holder confirming this commitment of a $500 contribution and subject to confirmation on raising the sufficient funds I would then proceed with arranging for this action to proceed.

On this legal advice and in the event of no further action being taken, funds over the total costing paid out will be refunded pro rata between all contributors. Contributors names will be placed on our website as a sign of thanks. 

To respond: email me at my new email: kbm2019@hotmail.com

Kevin Baker is the account holder for the Contributions
and will be the final decision maker of the fees to be paid out for the legal services.

We (David Leotta, Mark Millward, Ted Woodham and Kevin Baker) met with Law Essentials on Tuesday the 9th of July and were advised that they have engaged the services of a prominent QC to assist in supplying this advice for our Industry. Many hours of research and documentation has been supplied to aid this process.

Contributions already MADE (the more response, the less individual outlay):

Andrew B                   Terry M                       Greg S           Danny B

Brett B                        Brett C                        Bill W             Brett L

Craig H                       Chester M                   Gary B            Chris N

Chris O                       John D                         Des A             Evan R

Eric F                          Vance F                       Jay S              Greg F

Alan M                        Neil H                         Duncan H        John F

Jeff S                           Jim A                          Gary C            Ces K

Ted K                          Kev R                          Mark L           David L

Fergus L                      Luke W                       Mark S            Bill M

Terry M                       Leigh M                      John M            Mark M

Craig T                        Ian N                           Jim S               Ben M

Grant S                        Karen Q                      Ron W             Russell K

Bill H                          Nev S                          John S             Greg B

Mark S                        Mike S                        Kev S              Vicki J

Darren W                    Wayne F                      Ted W             Bob A

Annette A                   Kev B                          Karen Q           Geoff J

Colin F                        Robert B                    Jim N

Lenore T                    Van H                           David M