Quota Units

Updated 09.10.19

For all enquiries please email us on qfbpl@hotmail.com or phone:
David on 0412 073663
Kevin on 0477 781334

Due to Licence Fee changes, they are now to be paid 6 monthly (in arrears). Be aware a pro-rata may apply to fees at time of sale.

Line and Crab Quota

LC17 3.2ton of Spanish Mackeral Quota $11.00kg – ($35,200)
LC33 1256kg Spanish Mackeral Quota $9.00kg (Will lease for $1kg)
LC55 5,000kg ETBF Albacore $2.00kg
LC58 1,879kg Spanish Mackeral Quota $9kg – NIL GST – will Lease $1kg
LC62 1,000 Units RTE Quota $2,500
LC63 443kg RTE $1,200
LC64 25,175 CT Units $50 per Unit
L67 CT 19,618 Units (will split) $38kg
RTE 8,619 Units (will split) $3.50kg
OS 6,730 Units (will split) $4kg
SM 674 Units (will split) $9kg


Trawl Effort Units to Lease



Trawl Effort Units For Sale

TE43 any size package TEU $25 per unit
TE44 12,008 TEU $18 per unit
TE45 5,500 TEU $17.50 per unit
TE46 1,600 TEU $16 per unit
TE20 2,267 TEU $15 per unit



New South Wales Quota

NSW01 Whiting Trawl Quota $9KG + GST


Torres Strait Nights

TSN43 140 Torres Strait Nights $2,500 Per Night
TSN10 350 Torres Strait Nights $2,500 Per Night
TSN11 196 Torres Strait Nights $2,225 Per Night
TSN15 TS Entitlement + 11 Torres Strait Nights $52,500
TSN16 110 Torres Strait Nights $700 per night will split or lease
TSN17 TS Entitlement $30,000. Will Lease


+ GST where applicable